Oct 8, 2012

I Have News - New Channel, New FB Fan Page, Twitter, New Blog!

Hey everyone.

I have some new that I'd like to share with you.

I decided to change my "nickname". Therefore I have a new channel, new blog and new facebook fan page.
The reason why I decided for the change is that when I started blogging in July 2011 I didn't even think about it too much and went with the nickname "Weirdo". I had this idea in mind a few weeks ago but I thought setting up a new channel would be very difficult since I uploaded more than 20 videos there but someone helped me to decide that it would be much better. Since I'm also going to work on my portfolio soon, I'd rather use my real name.

Here's a video about what's going to happen / what's happening.

I didn't talk about the change when it comes to my blog but today I successfully set up a new one so let me invite you to my new blog which is:

Nothing's changed, just the address (and the design). I'll be still posting articles as I used to, I'll be still making tutorials but on my new channel, which is:

I also created a new facebook fan page, so if you were following me on facebook or you want to, you can do so here:

I created a brand new account on twitter, so if you don't have facebook (or prefer twitter more), you can find me there at:

I hope you don't mind the change and you'll subscribe to my new channel =). This is my last article on this blog, everything is going to be posted on the new one from now on. I won't be deleting this blog, so you'll be still able to check out and read everything I've posted so far.

I hope to see you in my next video on my new channel. Once I finish reuploading the old ones, I'm uploading another autumn makeup look and I have some Halloween stuff as well for you, so stay tuned!